Have you heard the one about the Undertaker & the Estate Agent?

Posted on 15/02/2016
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by blondell


I am always interested hearing about prospecting tips and techniques from different industries and countries.  My cousin & her husband recently relocated to Houston Texas, having spent 25 years working in banking & finance in New York.  She is now working as a residential real estate agent, based in downtown Houston Texas.  I was keen to find out how she was getting on.  She said it was a bit frustrating being the new girl in town where established relationships were in place, so she was thinking about how to differentiate herself to get noticed to stand out from the competition, so she was keen to brainstorm her ideas with me.

Her husband is a very well respected funeral director so she was  considering some joint marketing campaigns to generate leads.  Needless to say I was hooked and intrigued what a challenge how do you professionally introduce estate agency and link this to a funeral service?  She wanted to practice this pitch at a networking event, aimed people who were considering downsizing to smaller properties, this was a good opportunity because it represented both a selling and buying opportunity as well as exposure to local press and residential developers.

We connected on Skype a couple of months later and I was pleased to hear that the event went really well.  It turns out the key speaker was delayed, so the organiser asked her to do a 5 minute opening speech, which went like this…

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve prepared some information packs for you to take away, you’ll notice my husband’s card is included, he is one of the best funeral directors in Texas, so between us we can take care of two of the most important things you’ll need.  I’ll find your dream home and my husband will provide your final home”.

The feedback she had was overwhelmingly positive, from peers and prospects.  She did go on to get a property sale, and a couple of future listings from the event and… took home some names and addresses for her husband.

They are planning on doing more joint marketing events in the future – unusual yes, professional, absolutely and it gains a prospects attention!


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