Mastering the Art of Conversation…

Generate more leads, book qualified meetings and find selling opportunities through the art of conversation

In this fast-paced of digital and social media world, technology has advanced the method and speed how we communicate sales and marketing messages.

There is a much heavier reliance on e-communication in preference to using the telephone to talk to people, this means we are potentially missing out and face losing the skills and the art of conversation which not so long ago, was the main form of communication professionals relied on to connect and engage with prospects to generate leads, arrange meetings and find selling opportunities. All of these activities were carried out by having conversations

During this lively interactive session, delegates will learn how to master the art of conversation, overcome objections and learn how conversational skills will help them to converse naturally, professionally and confidently with prospects.

The workshop focuses on the following topics;

  • Understand how to ask probing questions
  • Understand how to lead a conversation smoothly and professionally
  • Following up with website leads and enquiries
  • Initiate better conversations with confidence
  • Stop “telling” and start “Selling”
  • Have better conversations with gatekeepers, PA’s & EA’s
  • Listen more and question effectively
  • Goals and activities – this is a workshop!
  • Committing to activities you will do!

Delegates will also learn how to expertly use their conversations to guide prospects through to the buying stage of the business development process and will;

  • Gain a fresh perspective
  • Understand how mastering the art of conversation is a life skill worth perfecting!

Get in touch on 07525 018074 or email to discuss yours or your teams’ converrsational challenges. I always provide a complimentary pre-workshop evaluation of your current situation.

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